Project References

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Fire engineering solution

Fire hose box is one of our good selling products. We can fabricate based on customer’s design and requirement. This cabinet is suitable for Outdoor use and with its high quality paint, this can be standing under the sun with no worries!


HEavy duty cable ladders

Heavy weight, no problem! We have delivered several cable installation service at the mine site. These cable ladders could be fabricated in Hot-dip galvanized surface, Stainless steel and also Polyester powder coated. They are suitable for all indoor and outdoor use.


MV Type tested gears in
the E-house

This is one of our Siemens’ licensed products - SIMOPRIME WORLD. It is type tested medium-voltage switchgear which we can manufacture up to 17.5kV. Thanks to the advanced technology and engineering, it provides high safety to personnel and environment.

Outdoor electrical distribution panel

Our panels can be fabricated up to IP65. With its high protection IP rate, electrical panels can be installed outside in any environments.


stainless steel enclosure with sun shade

Stainless steel is most suitable with high-humidity or high-corrosion environment. It is very efficient for outdoor use. Not a chance to get rusty!


LV Type tested Switchboard

Another Siemens’ licensed product - SIVACON S8, a low voltage type tested switchboard that can be modified, customized to suit your requirement.
Let us help you design your plant’s power distribution.

Outdoor Switchroom

IP protection is the most concerned area for Outdoor application. We always make sure that your panel will be secure enough to endure outdoor environment. We can fabricate according to your requirement - in any sizes, any color shades!


big roof!

This big roof is our favorite! Inside is sealed by temperature-controlled foil. It is suitable for high-temperature environment.
Reach out to us if you need this kind of enclosure!


Made-to-order ME Series

ME Series is the Free standing enclosure which provides flexibility to adjust, modify, install based on your requirement. Available in 7 sizes which can be connected together to make a bigger distribution board!